ICICI Credit Cards – Types of Credit Cards To Apply in 2018

ICICI Bank has set a distinguished benchmark in the private banking industry of India. The bank gives high efforts to satisfy its customers with convenient and advanced facilities and services. The bank designed and introduced different types of Credit Cards after analyzing the varying requirements of the customers. The bank designs the cards with special features to accommodate the requirements. Let’s know the best credit cards designed by ICICI bank.

ICICI credit card

Types of Credit Cards to Apply in ICICI Bank

1. ICICI Coral Credit Card:

ICICI Coral Credit Card is a privileged credit card designed with several exciting features and benefits. One needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria before applying to avail the card. A person must be above 18 years old and must have a Fixed Deposit account with ICICI bank of more than Rs 20, 000 deposit and minimum tenure period of 180 days. ICICI Bank will release the credit card and link it with the Fixed Deposit account. 85% of the fixed deposit amount gets set as the credit limit. The bank offers a grace period of 60 days for due payment. If the cardholder fails to make the payment within the grace period, the outstanding amount will get recovered from the Fixed Deposit amount. You need to pay Rs 500 + GST as the joining fee to avail the credit card. ICICI Bank will charge Rs 500 + GST as the annual fee. If you spend more than Rs 1.5 lakhs in the previous year, the bank will waive off the annual fee.

If you buy one ticket at www.bookmyshow.com using the credit card, you will get another ticket free. The cardholder will get up to two free tickets of Rs 250/ticket every month. You can save 15% on the dining bill at selected restaurants with a bill payment over Rs 2500. You can use the credit card and avail the discounts offers at restaurants, luxury hotels, lifestyle stores, spas, and many more places across 12 major cities. The MasterCard holders will get additional benefits for different program membership.

ICICI Coral Credit Card

The cardholders will get complimentary access to Domestic Airport and Railway lounges using the credit card. You will get one complimentary access to the domestic airport lounge and railway lounge each per quarter. You will also get 1% surcharge waiver every time you use the card to purchase fuel. This fuel waiver feature is applicable if you use the card while purchasing fuel worth Rs 4000 in maximum per transaction at HPCL pumps. Make sure to swap the card only on ICICI Merchant Service Swipe Machines to avail the benefit.

ICICI releases the card with an embedded microchip that provides an additional security layer. For making a successful transaction, you need to enter the PIN at the terminal. You don’t require entering the PIN or online transactions, but you need to register the card online before opting for online transaction.

You will earn 2 Payback reward points on every Rs 100 spent for purchasing (not fuel). For every Rs 100 spent on making payment for utilities and insurance categories, you will earn 1 Payback reward points. If you spend Rs 200000 with the card, you will receive 2000 Payback points, and on spending Rs 100000 annually, you will earn 1000 payback reward points. You can earn maximum 10000 Payback points annually! You can redeem the reward points to cash or for purchasing gifts. Call 08040146444 to redeem the payback points to cash. For making an online purchase, call 18602585000. To avail the card, visit the nearest ICICI Bank and open a Fixed Deposit Account and apply to avail the credit card.

2. ICICI Platinum Credit Card:

ICICI Platinum Credit Card is one of the credit cards designed by ICICI Bank considering the best interests of the customers. ICICI Bank provides maximum benefits with this card. The annual fee for this card is zero. You can avail this card if you have a fixed deposit account with ICICI Bank. The bank designs this card with contactless technology and ensures fast and secure transactions at different retail outlets. The card equips a security chip that protects the cardholder from risks of fraud. The card also comes with extra security form with a PIN. You don’t require entering the PIN for online transactions, but, you require entering the PIN for low amount transactions. You need to register and activate the card accessing the official website of ICICI bank.

The monthly charges for the overdue interest rate on extended credit and interest charge on advance cash are 3.40% while the annual rate of interest is 40.80%. So, make sure to make the payment within the grace period to avoid paying applicable interest rates.

With ICICI Platinum Credit Card, you will get 2.5% surcharge-waiver on purchasing fuel at any HPCL Petrol pump (Rs 4000 Maximum). The cardholder will earn 2 Payback reward points on every Rs 100 spent on purchasing anything except fuel. You can redeem the Payback points to purchase gifts or cash vouchers. Using the platinum card, you can save up to 15% on dining at over 800 restaurants across 12 major cities in the country.

The redemption charge to convert the Payback points is Rs 99. If you exceed the credit limit, you have to pay 2.5% on the over-limit amount. You have to pay 2% of the total due amount for auto-debit return. The bank will charge Rs 100 for each cash payment transaction. The card replacement charge is Rs 100.  ICICI Bank assists with emergency services even when you are abroad.

3. ICICI Rubyx Credit Card:

ICICI Rubyx Credit Card is a credit card designed by ICICI Bank to meet the requirements of leading an exceptional lifestyle with incredible benefits and entertainment. This card comes with a customizable reward program along with several other reward programs. This card equips a chip and PIN that ensures secure online and PoS transactions without any risks of fraud or cyber attacks.

ICICI Rubyx Credit Card

The annual fee for the first year is NIL, and from second years onwards the bank will charge Rs 2000. The joining fee is Rs 5000. If you fail to pay the credit amount within the due date, you have to pay an interest rate of 3.40% monthly or 40.80% annually. The interest rate applicable for a cash advance is 3.40% monthly or 40.80 annually. The applicable interest rate for the total due amount is 1.25%- 3.50% monthly. You get a grace period of 18-48 days. The transaction fee for a cash advance is 2.5%. The charge for duplicate statement request is Rs 100, and the charge for card replacement is Rs 100.

ICICI Bank provides a welcome voucher worth Rs 5000 which the cardholder can use for shopping and travel. You can earn up to 15000 Payback points annually. You can customize the reward plans according to your lifestyle requirements and the spending modes. You will earn four payback points for purchasing or making expenses on shopping, travel and other essentials (grocery, healthcare, utilities, hospitals, spas, bill payments, supermarkets, etc. For all other transactions, you will receive 2 Payback reward points. Using the card, you will get up to 30% discount on Ayurvedic packages and 50% discount on fitness evaluation.

The cardholders will get a complimentary round of golf if the total monthly transaction is Rs 100000. ICICI Bank offers 24X7 premium concierge services. You will get assistance for travel and hotel reservations, movie ticket booking, flight booking, restaurant bookings, etc. The ICICI Rubyx Credit Cardholders will get complimentary access to Visa airport lounges across the country. You will get two free visits in one quarter.