IndusInd Bank Credit Cards – How to Apply, Check Eligibility

IndusInd Bank is a new generation bank offering a wide range of banking services, products, and facilities. The wide range of services and products include credit cards. The bank designs different credit cards considering the varying requirements of the customers. Let’s learn about the best credit cards from the bank.

IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card:

IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card is the first credit card in India with pure 22k gold inlay. Currently, this card has no preset spending limit. One can obtain the specially designed card only through special approach. This card equips EMV chip and PIN that ensures security and safety for high-end transactions. IndusInd Bank redefines prestige with this card. The bank brings world-class offerings to match the luxury requirements of the customers.

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

The cardholders will enjoy the low-interest rates at 1.79% per month. The cardholders can also enjoy 5% discount on the flying charges on Taj Aircrafts, i.e., Falcon 2000/LX and Avanti II. This card comes with exclusive Aquasail and Yacht hiring packages. You can easily hire luxurious boats and enjoy the traveling experience.

Use the card to avail 2.5% surcharge waiver with fuel filling at any fuel station. You need to make a transaction between Rs 400- Rs 4000 to avail this benefit. With the Base Revolve Credit Limit feature, the cardholders will get the spending limit considering the payment history and spending pattern. The cardholders also have the flexibility to increase their base credit limit if they require performing high-end transactions.

Book movie tickets using the credit card and avail exciting deals of free tickets! Get attractive offers, up to 20% discount on booking theater events on Bookmyshow. With this card, you can get VIP access with complimentary priority passes to 600 airport lounges across the world. The cardholders will get 1.5 reward points on spending Rs 100 using the card. You can redeem the reward points for booking air tickets, hotels, or cash credits.

The joining fee for IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card is Rs 200000, and there is no annual fee for this option. The applicants can also pay a joining fee of Rs 100000 but have to pay Rs 10000 as the annual fee. The cardholders get a grace period of 50 days. The monthly interest rate for this card is 1.79%. The cash advance charge is 2.5%.

IndusInd Bank Crest credit card

IndusInd Bank Crest credit card comes with infinite features with low maintenance cost. The cardholders will enjoy the low monthly interest rate of 2.99%. This card comes with the advanced insurance program. The precious card is safe and secure with the advanced features. The cardholders can use the card for shopping, travel, dining and in many more ways.

IndusInd Bank protects the card from misuse with total protection feature. This feature covers the total credit limit. The bank provides this feature for the add-on cards as well. The card has protection against the unauthorized transaction, and counterfeit fraud under any circumstances. You also get an air accident cover of up to Rs 2.5 crores. In case of card damage/loss/theft, you can get emergency card replacement. You can access emergency cash advance facility abroad. After receiving the card, you need to visit IndusNet or IndusMobile app to activate the card.

You can use the card for fuel filling and get 1% surcharge-waive on making a fuel purchase of Rs 400-Rs 4000. On every Rs 100 spend on the card you will receive 2.5 Reward points on international transactions and one reward point on domestic transactions. You can redeem the reward points and purchase vouchers or convert the points to air miles.

The cardholders will get complimentary lounge membership and can access over 850 lounges over 120 countries. In a quarter, you will get two free visits. The cardholders will get a privileged welcome of club ITC Culinaire ushers. Booking movie or theater tickets on bookmyshow using the credit card, you will get 20% discount on the tickets. Use the credit card to buy one ticket and get another ticket free. You can avail up to three tickets in one month. The cardholders will get three complimentary golf games, and golf lessons per month.

The joining fee for IndusInd Bank Crest Credit Card is Rs 100000. The annual fee and add-on card fee is Rs 100000. You get a grace period of 50 days. Failing to make the payment within the interest-free period the monthly rate is 2.99%, and the annual rate is 36%. The over-limit charge is 2.5% of the over-limit amount. The cash advance charge is 2.5%. The foreign currency mark-up charge is 3.5%. If you access non-IndusInd bank ATMs, the bank will charge Rs 25 per inquiry. The card replacement charge is Rs 1000, and the cash payment fee at the branch is Rs 100.

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle credit card

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle credit card would best suit your needs if you are leading a good lifestyle. The Pinnacle Credit Card comes with excellent features and benefits designed by the bank to meet the varying requirements of the customers. The cardholders will enjoy a comprehensive range of lifestyle, travel, golf privileges and other features with the card.

IndusInd Bank offers different options for selecting the welcome gift as per requirements. You can avail 100% discount on air tickets (tax and other charges applicable). Use the vouchers for reservation at Oberoi Hotels. You can use the Genesis Luxury Vouchers and enjoy retail shopping experience from 14 international brands. The cardholders will earn 2.5 reward points on spending Rs 100 online, one reward point on using the card at POS terminals. You can earn 2500 reward points in one statement. Using the card for e-com travel and airlines, you will earn 1.5 reward points, and for e-com utility transactions you will earn one reward point for spending Rs 100.

With the card, you will get eligible for Priority Pass Program and get easy access to 600 VIP airport lounges. The cardholders also get travel insurance cover with Rs 100000 for lost baggage; Rs 25000 for delayed baggage, Rs 50000 for the lost passport, Rs 25000 for lost tickets. The cardholders also get complimentary Personal Air Accident insurance of Rs 25 lakhs.

The IndusInd bank provides emergency assistance round the clock to the cardholders. The cardholders also get assistance for roadside repair service, emergency fuel supply, flat tire service, battery service, keys locked inside assistance, emergency towing service, accident management, and medical assistance.