When it comes to finding a deal on car insurance, the vast majority of people settle for an offer that is within a fairly reasonable price range for them. Of course, people always want the best deal but this is not always the easiest of things to find. Eden say that Car Insurance is at an all time high and shows no signs of decline soon, especially on popular hatchbacks.

If you would like to find the best car insurance deal for yourself, then you should consider all the possible strategies that could help you reduce the overall cost of your insurance.

If you can prove that you are a low-risk driver and under any circumstances and you don’t exceed the speed limit, some insurers may discount the cost of your car insurance, especially if you have taken an advanced driving course. You could get a black box, which records any instance of you breaking speed limits.

Needless to say, if you do exceed the speed limit and you gain points on your licence, this will result in an increased cost of car insurance. If you are unsuccessful in proving that you are a careful driver and your insurance remains to be an inordinate cost, you might consider paying for your car insurance on an annual basis, rather than paying for it each month.

Sometimes, your insurance company will charge interest if you pay in various installments, thus making it more beneficial to pay in one lump sum each year instead of making monthly payments.

Insuring a low-risk driver as a second driver on your vehicle is one of the most reliable methods of lowering the cost of your car insurance. However, with this strategy, you must not impersonate the second driver as this is an illegal offence and could result in the elimination of your licence.

The strategies mentioned above are just a few ways to help keep your insurance costs low. It goes without saying that the best way of getting a great deal on your insurance is to be a careful driver and obey the speed limit when you’re on the road, no matter what the circumstances may be.