Health Insurance is one of the best forms of insurance which covers all the expenses incurred on

hospitalisation and medical treatment. If you or any of your family members suddenly fell ill or

hospitalised, this health insurance takes care of everything like expenses on medicines, hospital

room, ambulance, oxygen, medical tests and almost everything involved. So by paying a small

premium every year, people can relax if any big medical expenses involved, will not burn a hole

in your pocket.

So people, who don’t have any insurance, know the importance, have atleast one health insurance

policy and get the benefits it offers at an emergency hospitalisation conditions. Here are few

benefits of having a health insurance policy in your hand.

Top Benefits to Take a Health Insurance Policy:

  • 1) Whichever policy you take the health insurance company ties up with various hospitals in

order to provide cashless health insurance facility.

2) Even though you have been discharged from the hospital, there will be expenses involved

during the recovery period. Many health insurance policies will cover the post hospitalisation

expenses too.

3) In most cases people can have the benefit of getting the ambulance charges under the coverage

of policy. So policy holders usually no need to bear the burden of the same.

4)   People   can   have   Insurance   Portability   facility.  In   which   a   policy   holder   can   change the existing health insurance policy to another insurance company offering better services along with more benefits.

5) Some health policies offer a facility of free health check-up for the individuals though there is

no claim made for certain period.

6) By renewing your policy every year, people can avail all the facilities and benefits upto old

age ensuring peace of mind.


So to have a smooth financial life, having health insurance policy is the major factor to consider.

Have  the policy  at   younger   healthy   age itself as  with   lesser   premiums  you   can  have   more benefits.