Equity investments are a great way for you to grow your money over the long run into a healthy nest egg. If you want a comfortable retirement, these investments are a great addition to your wealth-building plan.

Peter Comisar admonishes first-time investors to do their homework and make sure they understand what they’re getting into before placing their hard-saved money into any equity investment. With that in mind, here are some things to remember before committing to equity investments.

Discipline Yourself To Save

Committing to equity investments requires self-discipline, not only in managing those investments but in every other area of your financial life. Get into the habit of saving money. Set aside ten percent of your net income every month and squirrel it away into savings. Make sure to have at least three to six months’ worth of cash to live on should you find yourself suddenly out of work due to a job loss or injury. That way you won’t need to dip into your investments.

After that, put the rest of what you save into a wide range of investments, including real estate and other ways to grow your wealth.

Don’t Make Decisions in Haste

Avoid the herd mentality by doing your research before making a decision. Just because everyone else is investing in it, doesn’t mean you should. They might be wrong and you could lose your investment. Take time to learn about an investment opportunity before handing over your money.

Be Patient

Equity investments aren’t a fast source of income, so don’t look at them that way. Expect a wait of at least five to ten years before you see a return. This is a long-range plan, not something that comes overnight, so be patient. By waiting for your investment to come to full fruition, you’ll see a higher return on your money.

Put Money in Several Types of Investments

Diversification is the key to successful wealth building. Equity Investments can be wildly successful, but there are times when businesses fail and you could lose every dime you put in. Make sure your savings are spread out over a number of investments. That way if one fails, the others will still produce an income.

Putting money in equity investments can provide for a comfortable retirement in the future, but it also requires research and patience. Do your homework before making any commitment and you’re on your way to financial security.