Whether you’re saving up for a destination wedding, a down-payment on a car or home, or retirement in the Bahamas, responsible financial planning is vital. From millennials to baby boomers, they all have something to gain from the myriad services wealth management firms offer.

For Millennials

More often than not, millennials’ top financial priority is paying off school loans. With the rate of tuition these days, that can often be six figures, especially for anything more extensive beyond undergrad, like medical school or law school.

While retirement may seem far away for the millennial in the prime of his or her life, understanding the basics of your 401k and pension now can help you down the line.

Also, investing is a good way to grow your money – wealth managers would have the insider’s look on today’s market trends and tomorrow’s risk predictions.

For Baby Boomers

Baby boomers, who control the majority of finances such as bank accounts and credit cards in America, are expected to continue to be the major financial player for another decade at least, according to research.

Whether you’re a baby boomer who is still working or finally retired, managing your finances will be crucial. Preparing for your dream retirement takes a lot of finesse and planning.

For Everyone Else

Now, wealth management is even more sophisticated and personalized, thanks to technology. Even if you don’t fit into either demographic, expert advisers will be able to tailor your financial planning to your unique circumstance.

About 86 percent of executives in wealth management deemed artificial intelligence, for example, as highly essential or essential to providing individualized outlooks, according to “The Next-Generation Wealth Manager” report published by Temenos and Forbes Insights.

However, even technology doesn’t diminish the need for direct personalization. Technology can help wealth managers provide client-specific insights, but in the end, it takes a wealth manager to compile that data into a custom profile.

Even if you pride yourself on being finance-savvy, seeking expert help to manage your wealth is wise. Wealth management is for everyone, from the entry-level beginner, the intermediate professional to the executive director.