According to the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, global growth will remain under 3.2 percent in 2016 before it possibly rises to 3.7 percent in 2017,leaving very little room for investment errors. The World Economic Outlook calls for growth in advanced economies to remain under 2 percent. This forecast is supported by many, including billionaire investor William Soros, who feels that the European Union may be on the verge of economic collapse because of the extreme cost cause by the refugees who are mainly from Syria but also from Iran and other neighboring areas.

During these risky times, trying to create and maintain a healthy economic future for your family can seem very difficult. How can you make sure that everything you’ve worked for over the years doesn’t crash and burn due to political instability elsewhere in the world? One of your best bets is to diversify your portfolio with investments that are low-risk, dependable, and efficient. Bullion offers precisely these qualities, and buying gold or silver in Toronto has never been easier for those who feel it’s time to make the future safer and brighter.

1. Zero Counter-Party Risk
For investors, the best way to upgrade their investment strategies is by buying gold and silver. Both have long been associated with carrying portfolios and their returns throughout housing and stock market crashes. Bullion holds value no matter where you go in the world, because it cannot be replicated, printed, or floated — and when you buy from Guildhall Wealth, you’ll realize that it’s like adding an insurance policy to your entire life.

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2. Diminishing Resources
Supplies of gold are expected to diminish in the coming decade, since precious metals are, after all, a non-renewable resource, whereas paper money continues to be manufactured regardless of its real value. Securing metal investments therefore means that you are solidifying your claim to its value, which will only rise as the supply begins to weaken. Gold endures as the one of the most important materials in three thousand years of historical exchanges, protecting value like no other investment can.

3. Easy Management and Storage
If you’re worried about what you might do with the physical bullion once you have purchased it, rest assured that professionals such as those at Guildhall Wealth Management will always assist you by providing incredibly safe storage options that are secured in a depository. These are accessible to you at any time, but completely segregated from other investors’ properties, meaning that your investment will never even be within another person’s sight. An alternate option is home delivery, so that you can choose whatever puts you at ease.

Instead of leaving your investments vulnerable at the hands of government decisions and economic fluctuations, take your wealth into your own hands and secure your future against unpredictable turns. Research the incredible selection available to you as soon as possible, and grow your wealth for years to come.