Ask any parents, and you find their lives revolving around the growth of their kids. They are the future, and it’s easy to look at them as your image. Parenthood can be exciting but is laden with responsibilities and stressful events. Starting from the first visit to the paediatrician to the first school admission, several events test your resolve.

Yes, raising a confident child who makes his/her own decisions is a challenging task. However, a few life habits and activities can help you prepare your kids for the world. Read on to know better:

  1. Focus on Efforts, No Matter If Your Child Wins or Loses

When your child is growing up, make sure that the journey is more important than the destination. Whether your child kicks that winning goal for the school team or accidentally misses it, applaud his/her effort. Your child should never feel embarrassed for trying.

Over the course of time, trying hard consistently will build the required confidence rather than intermittently doing well.

  1. Listen Patiently

Your child wants to be heard and seen. When you establish patience, you are giving the message that he/she is valued. So, when you “Stop and Listen” to your child, you show him how important he is, you believe in him, and you have compassion for his feelings.

Active listening based on patience leads to the confidence needed for self-mastery. And finally, by doing this, you encourage not only empathy but also competence.

  1. Let Them Explore

For children, different life experiences are a crucial part of making them more resilient and setting them up for the future. The only way to learn through experience is to get involved, so let them explore new things.

Let your child find out ways to learn best, and once this is done, he/she is ready to ace in those things. So, stand by your child, smiling, ready to be helpful in whatever way you can. But offer help only if required, let your child take things into his own hands and let him explore the world.

  1. Expect them to Grow Gradually

By continually getting things done for your kids or nagging them, you deprive them of learning opportunities. Yes, each experience is a learning opportunity, so allow them to grow gradually. The one thing that you barely notice could look interesting to your child. For instance, something as basic as placing toys in bin or book on the racks can improve organising skills (age 4-5 years).

Furthermore, the older the kids get, the more they understand that they are separate individuals. With that developing identity, they begin to wish that they can accomplish more things all alone. You need to help them.

  1. Teach them About Money

Start by giving them pocket money and encourage them to write down what they spend, so they know exactly where their money goes. Agree from the start on what they will pay for and what you will pay for, depending on age. There are useful mobile apps to help kids learn about saving money.

Train them to pay themselves first by putting at least 10 percent of any gift money or other earnings into a savings account.

Don’t wait and put off investing discussions until your child is grown up and has money to invest. It’s better that your child learns investment fundamentals early. Teach them about taxes and inflation and how it affects your savings. Encourage your grown-up kids to increase their financial knowledge either by taking investment lessons or going for market-related certifications like NISM, NSE, BSE and so on.

Help Your Child Touch the Sky!

To support your kids in their endeavours, you will need to be ready with money. However, simple monthly savings might not be sufficient to cater the growing education costs.

For your child to sparkle in this competitive world, education charges ought to be the last constraint. Child education plans give you the adaptability to contribute towards your child’s education needs (be it nurturing his talents or getting ready for his higher education).

Having the best investment plan for child future is an ideal answer that guarantees financial help when the time comes. Child education plan is the much-needed solution for every parent as:

  • It offers a perfect blend of insurance and investment
  • It provides your child financial security during crucial years of his/her life
  • It guarantees to secure your child’s future even in your absence


It’s true that your kids will eventually grow up and live their lives without you. However, how they embrace life will depend on the financial security and life lessons that you give them.

You must be aware of this old saying “Give your child roots and wings”.

So, let “unconditional support” be the roots and “confidence” be the wings!