Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Cards – Apply and Check Eligibility

Kotak Mahindra Bank is a private sector bank offering a wide range of banking products and financial services to retail and corporate customers. It brings different types of credit cards with excellent features and benefits. Let’s take a look at the best types of credit cards from Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Royale Signature Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra Bank Royale Signature Credit Card brings the cardholders unmatched rewards. Spend Rs 100 with your credit card and earn 10X reward points at selected VISA merchant categories every time! Spending the same amount on other merchants, you will earn 5X reward points. The cardholders get complimentary privileges including access to business lounges. Using the card for fuel purchase, you will avail 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver, and you also can avail railway surcharge waiver of 1.8% to 2.5%.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Cards

With Kotak Mahindra Bank Royale Signature Credit Card, you get card security coverage. Against fraudulence, you can claim Rs 250000 cover after reporting about the card loss. You can avail add-on cards, and your family members will enjoy the same benefits. The cardholders are eligible for complimentary membership at the Gold Tier of the Taj Inner Circle Program.

The joining fee is Rs 19999, and the card replacement charge is Rs 100. The interest charged after failing to make the overdue payment within the grace period is 3.10%. The foreign currency markup rate is 3.50%.  The applicant must be an Indian citizen and above 21 years. The annual income must be Rs 25 lakhs.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Aqua Gold Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra Bank Aqua Gold Credit Card is specially designed to help the cardholders to save money on every expense. This card comes with excellent features and benefits. Kotak Mahindra Bank designs this card for the Term Deposit Accountholders. The account holders will get a credit limit of up to 80% of the account balance. The customers can get higher limit up to Rs 12 Lakhs.

Interest-free cash withdrawals, no annual fees, fuel surcharge waiver, and certain other features, of course, denotes more savings on high expenses. Using the card for fuel purchase over Rs 500 to Rs 3000, the cardholders will get fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%. You can save up to Rs 3500 annually! Kotak Mahindra Bank provides a grace period of 48 days. You can withdraw cash up to 90% of the card limit at any time of the year.

Booking railway tickets online using the card, you will get a surcharge waiver of 1.8%. You will get a 2.5% surcharge waiver if you book the tickets at the booking counter. You can use the credit card for balance transfer. You have to pay Rs 349 as the processing fee for transferring Rs 10000 from other cards. The cardholders can avail add-on cards for their family members. Kotak Mahindra Bank allows setting the credit limit. To avail the card, you need a minimum Term Deposit Account with Rs 25000 balance. The joining fee is Rs 1499. The over-limit fee is Rs 500. You need not pay for the add-on card.

Kotak Mahindra Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card is a special card designed for movie and entertainment lovers! Kotak Mahindra designs the card with specific features that will suit the requirements. Availing the card, you can watch the blockbuster movies, get 24 free PVR tickets annually and also enjoy exclusive benefits to meet your lifestyle requirements.

The cardholders will get PVR rewards on monthly purchases. The PVR shield protects the card from unauthorized access. You can apply for an add-on card and set the credit limit. The annual fee is Rs 999, and the over-limit charge is Rs 500. The interest charge on outstanding balance is 3.5%. The add-on fee is Rs 299, and the card replacement fee is Rs 100.