More and more people are applying for online personal loans to fund their important expenses. Borrowers can get many advantages when choosing this type of loan. It’s very accessible, has a variety of uses, and manageable to repay. Besides these, it has no stringent requirements; hence you see lenders market them as “personal loans online for bad credit.”

However, not all online personal loans are equal. Some online lenders charge expensive fees and interest on their loan products. Online transactions are also used by cybercriminals to defraud unwitting borrowers – scamming them off of their money or stealing their personal information. 

While there are things beyond our control when applying for online personal loans, there are things we can do to minimize the risks. Here are some mistakes that people make when getting an online personal loan and how to avoid them. 

Not Knowing the Credit Score

Credit scores help lenders get an idea of whether to accept your loan application or not. The state of your credit says a lot about how good a payer you are. The higher your credit rating, the more chances you’ll have in getting approved for the loan you need to borrow. 

Many lenders are also willing to lend you money with lower interest rates if your credit score is good. Thus, it’s important to look at your credit first if it makes you worthy to get a loan approval or receive the benefit of a lower interest rate. 

Failing to Make a Financial Assessment

Consider evaluating your financial circumstances if you plan to get an online personal loan. You should determine how much you’re making every month and your average monthly spending. This approach gives you an idea of the loan amount you have to take and how you’re going to repay it. 

Borrowers who fail to take their monthly income and expenses into account when applying for a loan end up borrowing higher loan amounts. This makes it hard for them to repay what they owe, and sometimes they default on the loan. And you know what will happen to your credit score once you default on the loan or miss a monthly payment. 

You’ll get bad credit because of your missed payments or loan default. And, bad credit leads to difficulty getting your next loan. So, it’s always crucial to know what loan you can afford to pay back by knowing your monthly income and expenses. 

Applying to Multiple Lenders Simultaneously

Never make a loan application to multiple lenders at the same time. Some loan applicants think that they’re making a smart move doing this but it decreases their chance of getting the loan they want. 

Lenders will hesitate to lend you a loan if they find out that you have applied to another lender. Moreover, applying for a loan to multiple lenders simultaneously may lower your credit score. 

Choosing a Longer Loan Term

Surely all loan applicants want to avail an affordable loan. But, as far as possible, don’t resort to choosing a longer loan term. Many borrowers opt for this option to lower their monthly payments. However, this approach only costs them more money in the long run. 

Even if you avail of lower payment every month, the fact that you’re paying the loan for a longer term means that you’ll be paying more for the loan. Do you want to save money? Then, learn how to do simple arithmetic. 

It will be wise on your part to go for a shorter repayment period and higher monthly payment. In this way, you can pay back what you owe faster, and your total payment will be lower because you’re only paying the loan for a short period of time. 

Neglecting to Read the Loan Agreement

For loan applicants who don’t want to get scammed, don’t forget to read the loan contract before signing it. See if what you and the lender have agreed verbally is written on paper. 

You’ll be alright if you don’t rely heavily on the lender’s marketing tactic and sales talk. Sometimes lenders make vain promises on their marketing. They will tell you that you’ll be getting low annual percentage rates and so forth but, in reality, it’s the same expensive rate as offered by other lenders. 

When you check the loan contract, make sure to read it carefully. Look for any issues that might get you in trouble. Also, check if there are any additional fees for the loan you’re borrowing. You don’t want to spend precious money on too many ancillary fees. 

Moreover, check the credibility of the lending company by reading reviews or visiting the website of the Better Business Bureau. 


Now you know the common mistakes of borrowers who apply for online personal loans. If you’re taking out this type of financing, don’t commit those said mistakes to avoid any problems with your loan.