When it is time for a new addition in the family, the entire household gets excited. The feelings of an expectant mother cannot be expressed in words. It is quite natural for a pregnant woman to feel anxious about childbirth and it is understandable. However, anxious over financial matters should be far from the mind of a pregnant woman. Pregnancy comes with a package of joy along with physical stress. If the parent-to-be is in a tight financial situation, the stress level would be higher and it will not contribute positively under the current situation. It could be even tougher if she is a single parent. Hence, it would do well to learn about various unsecured loans and grants designed to address the financial needs of a woman who is pregnant.

Studying Mothers-To-Be

If a student in teens gets pregnant, she could apply for Mother Deferment to postpone repayment of student loans. In this case, a certificate from a doctor confirming pregnancy should be produced. If she wants to continue her education, she could look out for educational grants offered in her locality. For those under 17 during pregnancy, a grant named “Adolescent Family Life-Demonstration Projects” is offered. While providing prevention and care services, the program aims at educating the young generation to abstain from sex while young.

Maternal and Child Health Services Grant

This is one of the oldest federal-state programs of United States. It provides preventive, prenatal as well as postnatal care to women to ensure healthy life for women and children. Pregnant mothers who are in need of financial support are eligible to receive free care or services for a much-reduced cost through this grant.

Personal Grants

Personal grants could offer great comfort to a pregnant mother, as there is no need to repay the money offered as grant. A personal grant is given in cash to individuals, which could be used by them for any type of expenses. Whether it is a temporary emergency or a long-term requirement, personal grants could be the best. An emergency need is addressed immediately by the department and hence it would be a wonderful opportunity for a pregnant woman who could use the cash award to pay for expenses incurred before, during and after delivery.

Pregnant Women Assistance Program

Under this program, pregnant women who meet certain criteria are eligible for monthly cash grant from the government. This is exclusively for Washington residents who meet the income requirements and citizenship requirements.

Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)

Under this program, pregnant women who meet income guidelines are eligible. If the gross income is below or equivalent to 185 percent of United States Poverty Income Guidelines, the pregnant woman becomes eligible for personal loans. The mission of the program is to enhance the health of expectant women, new mothers and infants. It provides nutritious foods to women, infants and children who are under nourished and it provides information on healthy eating.

While it is a wonderful phase for every expectant mother, there are the under privileged women who are desperate to get financial help at this time. It is suggested not to lose heart, as various programs offered by the government will help pregnant women to have comfortable delivery. All one has to do is start looking for available loans and grants the moment she realizes that she is pregnant. It would not do well to postpone every thing to the last trimester. Once the financial affairs are set right, it has to be a pleasant and relaxed state leading to wonderful motherhood.