Sometimes life throws you curveballs. Your carefully crafted and managed budget is now obsolete. Your small savings account is slowly growing but isn’t enough to help in a real emergency. It may be time to look for a cash advance Bordentown NJ.

Unexpected Travel

When you live in another state or even another country, it can be difficult to get home often for scheduled visits. It makes it even harder when there is an emergency and you need to get to a parent, child or partner quickly. Airfare is very expensive at the last minute, not to mention Uber, taxis, trains, hotels, etc. If you watch every penny, finding a way to pay for the trip along with the missed salary for any days off that exceed your vacation can make even the calmest person panic.

Car Repairs

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in an area with safe, clean and dependable public transit, your car is your lifeline. When the strange sound you’ve been hearing turns into a clunk and you suddenly come to a dead stop, you know you have a problem. Auto repair shops don’t make payment arrangements, so you’ll have to come up with enough cash to get your car in working order.

Missed Paycheck

It can be very nice to work for a small business. However, sometimes it is a nightmare. If the company you work for finds itself in a financial bind and misses payroll, their problems become yours and your landlord or credit card company will not care.


Even with insurance, copays and prescriptions can be outrageous. If there is no generic equivalent for the drug you or your child has been prescribed, you could be stuck trying to figure out how to pay for it. When you add up all the doctor visits, medications and missed time from work, it can be overwhelming.