The year 2007-2009 was very tough for all nations. There were financial crisis seen in that year. The country that was hit the best was U.S. When the finance experts tried to find out the reason, it was found as mortgage amount. Many people were not able to pay back the mortgage. A survey conducted at that time showed that almost 8 out of 10 people faced the mortgage paying problems. So, the question here is that why all this happens? What are the mortgage mistakes that one does? Here is the list of them.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Now what does that mean? Well, an adjustable rate mortgage is nothing but the mortgage in which one needs to pay low interest for first 1 to 5 years. This attracts many and many people as by opting to this mortgage, one can easily opt for a high mortgage to complete all of one’s desires. The Adjustable Rate Mortgages also bring greediness in the people. They go for a bigger house just by getting impressed from the fact that they will are a very low-interest mortgage. But, after the grace period is over, you are charged a very high interest. If you do the average of all interest that you pay, then you will observe that by getting into the tricky scheme, you have thrown yourself to the hell of problems.

No Down Payment

Many companies offer the mortgage for which you don’t need to do any down payment. It sounds attractive, and it actually works out in the favor of company. If you don’t pay down payment, then firstly, you get a low mortgage payment, and secondly, it takes a long time for you to pay the mortgage amount.