PNB Credit Cards – Types of Credit Cards to Apply Online

Punjab National Bank is a globalized bank with multiple branches across India as well as other countries. It offers distinguished banking services, facilities and products. The bank gives the best efforts to pace up with the advanced banking solutions. PNB introduced different types of credit cards to meet the requirements of the clients. Let’s learn about the best type of credit card from PNB!

PNB credit card

Types of Punjab National PNB Credit Cards to Apply Online:

1. PNB Global Platinum Card:

PNB Global Platinum Card is the best type of credit card designed by PNB. The cardholders enjoy the exceptional privileges and the special offers with the card. The PNB Global Platinum Card gets accepted worldwide. The platinum benefits include annual fee waivers, attractive rewards programs, add-on cards, and many more. PNB will waive off the annual fees of the card if the cardholder spends more than the credit limit. You can avail the offer by making a retail transaction within the first quarter. You will also get considered for the offer if you have a good track record. PNB will return the joining fees of the Platinum Card if the cardholder purchases within the first six months higher than the card limit. The cardholders can avail two add-on cards for family members.

Being a Platinum Cardholder, you will receive additional incentives from different merchants. More than 380000 merchants accept the Platinum Card across India, and you can use the card at around 29 millions outlets worldwide. You can use the card for multipurpose including dining, shopping, travel, ticket booking, etc. Spending Rs 100, you will receive one reward point. On spending Rs 150 for retail transactions, you can earn two reward points. You can redeem the earned reward points and purchase gift items or anything else.

Using the Platinum Card for utility bill payments is easy. Punjab National Bank offers 24X7 customer care service with immediate action for the privileged Platinum Cardholders. Using the card, you can save 10-25% on the dining bills as well as hotel accommodations (with partnered businesses). Purchasing products from Kairali Ayurvedic Group, you will get elected to avail a discount of 10% on the MRP. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to avail the PNB Global Platinum Card.

The minimum educational qualification for eligibility is 10th pass. The eligible age limit is between 21-65 years. The applicant must be a resident of the city from where the applicant applied for the card. The applicant needs to produce copies of the supporting documents as well as the originals.

Punjab National Bank provides a grace period or Interest-Free Period of 20-50 days. The interest rate is 30% of the die amount failing to make the payment within the due date. The annual fee as well as joining fee for the card is Rs 500. If the applicant avails the credit card against a fixed deposit account, the annual fee and joining fee is not chargeable. PNB won’t charge an annual fee for add-on cards. PNB doesn’t charge any renewal fee. The annual rate of interest is 29.81%, and the monthly interest rate is 2.45%. PNB charges 2% or Rs 50 (whichever is higher) for cash advance transaction at PNB ATMs while the charge for advance cash transaction from other ATMs is 2% or Rs 75 (whichever is higher). Punjab National Bank charges 2.5% or Rs 500 for over-limit charges. The card replacement fee is Rs 250.

2. PNB Global Gold Card:

Punjab National Bank introduced Global Gold Card with varied specialties, features, and benefits that ensure to provide maximum perks to the cardholders. PNB Global Gold Card is among the popular and best type of credit card from the bank. This credit card gets globally accepted and brings lucrative offers for the users. The cardholder can use the Global Gold Card at the VISA ATMs throughout India and in all countries worldwide.

The cardholders can use the card for shopping dining, traveling, retail purchases, utility bill payment, etc. Apart from using the card for online shopping, you can also use it for offline expenditure. You will earn one reward point by spending Rs 100 on the card every time. Each reward point equals 50 paise. The offer of earning reward point is applicable on offline and online transaction except for fuel purchase, cash advances, etc. You can redeem the reward points and avail attractive offers with the rewards program from PNB. You can use the card for making utility bill payments including electricity bill, phone bill, etc.

The cardholders can avail the EMI facility for making expensive purchases. If the amount exceeds than Rs 2500 in a single transaction, you can access this facility and pay back the amount within six months in monthly installments. You can also access the balance transfer facility using the Global Gold Card. You can transfer the outstanding balance of the Global Gold Credit Card from other credit cards at lower interest rates.

Punjab National Bank offers customer care services for the credit cardholders round the clock. You will get the best assistance from the executives to solve any issue related to credit card. The cardholders can avail 10-25% discount on using the card for booking hotel rooms or purchasing foods and beverages at Sarovar Hotel. You can also avail 10% discount on the MRP of Kairali Ayurvedic products. The cardholders can apply for add-on cards for their family members.

The joining fee and annual fee for the PNB Global Gold Card is Rs 300, and the bank charges no renewal fees. The bank charges no annual or renewal fee for add-on cards. The charge for cash advance transaction at PNB ATMs is Rs 50 or 2% of the withdrawal amount. The bank will charge Rs 75 or 25 of the withdrawal amount using other ATMs for cash advance transaction. The bank charges a 2.45% monthly interest rate as finance charge for cash withdrawal, overdue amount or revolving credit. The cash advance transaction charge in overseas is Rs 150 or 2% of the withdrawal amount. PNB Charges Rs 250 or 2.5% as over-limit fees. If in case, you lost the card, you need to pay Rs 100 as the fee for card replacement.

The applicant needs to meet the eligibility criteria to obtain the credit card. The educational qualification must be 10th pass, and the age limit of the individual must be 21-65 years. The salaried individuals with income of Rs 250000 per annum will be eligible applicants, and the businessmen or self-employed applicants must have a stable source of income with minimum earnings of Rs 200000 per annum. The applicant must have a good bank record and banking relation with PNB. You would require producing supporting copies of the documents as demanded at the bank.