Privacy Policy

Our Readers Privacy is Our Top Priority

Financenize responsibility is to ensure your privacy of your personal information stored with us in our database. The privacy policy which we have here describe the information which we have stored in our database is collected from the details you provided while you have to use the site.

The privacy policy applies to all of the pages and posts on the website, and the writers, editors or contributors are subjected to the same privacy policy.

Electronic Communications & Emails

Once you have subscribed to out a newsletter, special offers or any other information via Email or any other way of communication. At a point of time, you can remove yourself from the list of subscribers, and you can unsubscribe yourself from the list via the email any sent to you. The i=unsubscribe option is always present at the bottom of the email.

Let us make this clear you that the information we receive from the readers is not shared to any third-party person or any other service. We never share the details you use when you on the site. We protect your data from any third-party involvement.

Now that we are growing and many are concerned that websites spam their inbox but that is not gonna happen from our end, we only send the newsletter when the content is important to you, and you will receive newsletter rarely.  If you have a problem with the subscription, you can contact us.

Traffic and RSS Data

Like any other sites, we like to track the traffic data, from referring sites, browser type, region, time zone, and other important data. We like to keep up with the competition using the statistics. We do appreciate your feedback which is the easiest way to make our services better.

We also use aggregated traffic data and statistics for marketing analysis, determining future offerings, and other business uses.

In future offerings, we use the analyzed data to make your reading capabilities better and also introduce the site to new readers.

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files.

You must have heard of cookies but don’t know the purpose of it, allow us to give you a brief about how it can help you. Cookies are like cache which save in your browser upon whenever you log in or visit the site. When the saved cookies are helpful when you visit the site more than once.The site constantly loads faster than the first time and also if you are reader then this is something you must have.

Cookies are something that is stored in your browser, and we use your cookies to make the website speed and calculations and your behavior so that we can understand to make the services and the Adsense revenue better. Adsense is owned by Google and Google is allowed to collect that information to display relevant advertisements on the site, which help us to generate revenue.

We are working on improving and we need the data like browser type, OS (operating system), IP address, mobile device and smartphone name, date and time, ISP (Internet service provider.), number of pages one has visited, number of views a post or page have received, and number of comments.

  • Browser Type: We want to ensure the majority of specific browser users have browser compatibility.
  • OS: In India, many users are using Chrome and XP, so we build our sites compatible with them as well.
  • IP address: IP helps us recognize where the traffic is coming from and target that audience effectively.
  • Smartphone: Increase in smartphones are not a new story, so we are enhancing our website for smartphones and tabs as well.
  • Date and Time: We always aim to provide fresh content at the time you want to read, so we keep tracking your particular time to send or publish new content.
  • ISP: Nill.
  • Visits: We keep track of our new visitors and the possible measures to add them to our reader’s list.
  • Views: We calculate some views on each post every month so that we can understand the vast majority of what type of content you guys want from out end.

We gather the insights so that we can offer you personalized information services on our behalf. Also, we assist you in support, issues, understanding. We do work with third-party advertisers, but we own the outcome of the content, and we do not manipulate the content and recommendations by the advertisers.

You have all rights to block the browsers to store cookies by enabling the disallow option, and this may affect you from accessing the websites and its opportunities. We are not responsible for disabling cookies troubling you’re to access other sites, as rest of the sites are also opted the same strategy to make the services better.

Removing or deleting cookies do not remove yourself from the advertising program unless you set the settings to disallow cookies to store. Whenever you visit the site having advertisements new cookies are stored in the database.

In case if you have any suggestions towards our policy and conditions then you can contact us anytime.