In recent years, technology has enabled real estate agents to automate a lot of processes. It has made the job easier, and real estate agents can now use this technology to be more effective and efficient. Here are six must-have tools for real estate agents.


Most people don’t buy a home on the same day they decide they want to. The process might take a few months or even longer, so it makes sense for real estate agents to maintain a customer list to reach out and see what the client is doing periodically. 
6 Must-Have Tools for Real Estate Agents

MailChimp is an effective marketing solution that allows just this. It will enable real estate agents to build email lists and regularly contact potential clients. The best part about this program is it gives you a lot of control over your campaigns. You can create a scientific campaign where everything is optimized for the best results.

For example, you could have a campaign that reaches out to people sending them information on potential homes they would like. This keeps the lead hot and allows you to have a system where everything is under your control. 

It gives you the ability to segment the population and make sure that you are marketing the right message to the right person. All this control over your email marketing makes it easier to convert prospects into buyers.


Facebook is a social media website that has more than a billion people. It is also a place you can market to potential customers. On top of that, you can create fan pages and groups to build rapport and also showcase homes for sale. In recent years, there has been a new part of Facebook that allows you to send out potential listings to people. 

You can even showcase these listings in your buying group if you have one. This sort of marketing enables you to reach an audience of your choosing, and you can do it cheaply. Facebook offers some of the cheapest advertising rates in the world. As a real estate agent, it is a tool that you should be using to build a reputation for yourself and also as a method of marketing to people. 

As mentioned above, Facebook is perfect for building your brand and getting the word out there about yourself. This is the type of tool you should be using on a day-to-day basis to find leads that you can then send emails to with MailChimp later.

Wise Pelican

In an increasingly online world, real estate postcards can make a huge difference when done right. The benefit of real estate postcards is that they offer a way to reach people without them being able to say no. A person can easily delete your email, but a real physical postcard will almost always be opened. That means you’re getting the advantage of having your potential client read what you are trying to say. 

Wise Pelican is a fantastic tool to facilitate that. It offers a low price and the ability to use their infrastructure to mail the postcards you want. There are even templates that allow you to customize your design, so you don’t have to worry about them throwing your mail away without opening it. They also allow tracking of the delivery, so you can create accurate statistics about what is happening to the mail. 

This is a tool that every real estate agent should use to periodically send updates to people they could not reach with email. It is also a great way to replace email if you are tired of using digital-only methods. It also allows you to reach people before they have decided to sell their home.


Twitter has grown dramatically in recent years. It is now a bona fide tool for real estate agents to get the word out. Creative agents can leverage the millions of people and especially journalists, to create viral content. Twitter makes marketing quick and easy, and you can build your brand relatively fast. 

Since it is where most journalists hang out, it is a place where you are most likely to make the news. It is also a place where a real estate agent can find followers who are interested in their services. They can send out tweets detailing current offerings and even advertising. 

Real estate agents can also leverage the advertising platform that Twitter is to send out tweets from more popular users. This allows them to reach a wider audience and can have a substantial impact on their businesses.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is one of the most popular apps for people looking for homes. Using the Zillow Premier Agent app could potentially help you get the results you’re looking for. You get all the information and insights you need to capture leads and get the best results. 

It is one of the best ways for you to find people looking for homes and turn them into bona fide contracts. You are leveraging their network to improve your results, and it is something that most other solutions cannot compare with. The most important thing about this app is having their expertise and network at your fingertips. 

You are reaching the most targeted audience possible in the real estate industry. You are reaching people who are actively looking to buy a home, and you can put yourself in front of them during that search.


Video is the future of the Internet. Having a YouTube account will enable real estate agents to showcase the homes they are trying to sell. Pictures might tell one story, but a well-recorded video could make a difference in if your home is sold or not. 

YouTube also has some of the cheapest advertising rates on the Internet. You can target places where people are likely to watch when looking for a home. Maintaining your own YouTube account and building a brand can also get you in a better position. 

A significant portion of real estate agents are now using YouTube as a way to build personal brands, and that can help them find more clients when they need to. It is also a great way to build up your list for cold calling and other marketing efforts.


Every real estate professional needs a toolbox that has everything they need to dominate the market. These six tools will enable real estate agents to reach a wider audience and market to them efficiently. These tools also allow a real estate agent to maintain a high-quality list of prospects and a pipeline that can be used to generate profit every single year.