Buying a car is everyone’s dream, but to afford brand new cars is very difficult and sometimes not possible at all. So people need to buy used cars. Not that all used cars are damaged or malfunctioning, but you need to know how to assess the car so that you get the best value for your money. We are here to guide you through.

For the last few months, the risk of buying water-damaged cars has been in the air. The cars that were submerged in the flood water are usable, but definitely not good ones and very bad pick for used cars. Unfortunately, these cars have made their own way to the used car dealerships in different states of USA. Floodwater causes deep and route level damage to vehicles so while buying cars, you need to very careful that you are not buying one of these.

You need to keep some points in mind to avoid getting yourself caught into the trap of buying flood damaged cars.

Buying Used Cars? Ok, Remember Some Facts

  • Check the car history – You can check car history online these days. Technology has given us that much, with just only few click; you get to know what has been happening to a vehicle. The firms now upload information on the cars they sell and buy, so you can just roll into their websites and check if a particular car has gone through any damages.
  • Not salesperson, talk to the owner – While buying cars, you should not talk to the sales representatives who actually do not know much about the cars’ histories. Their duty is to represent the cars to the interested customers in their best possible way and they may even sell you out a damaged car their extraordinary salesmanship skill. Directly ask the owner if the car was submerged in water for long. If he gives satisfactory replies then get that statement written; official proofs are always good to have.
  •  Deal with trusted ones – Don’t just do business with anyone you don’t know. Find out the best dealerships in your city or country and talk to them. Tell them what you need and tell them to suggest cars for you. Assess their interaction with the previous customers, check if they are permitted and have all necessary documents with the government and its organizations, testimonial of the customers. All these speak for the credibility and trust of a dealership.
  • Say NO to online auctions – These are the best marketplace for damaged cars. You don’t get to see the car so you don’t get to know anything about the car’s condition. But still you may buy cars online – only if the website is renowned and is known for best dealings with cars.
  • Vehicle Identification Number – The number is supposed to match with all the other tags inside the car (on the dash, inside the door). If they don’t match then there’s something wrong it’s wise to not go for that car.

  • Look for water damage signs – If the car is damaged by water then it might have left some signs, look out for those. Like watermarks on seat cushions, doors, panels inside doors, dash panel etc. There should be rusts in the insides of the hoods, hinges.
  • Check authentic car papers – If you can’t manage to know the history of a car, last resort should be authentic car papers. An authentic paper should show all the history.

Hope this helped.