Every single person on this world wants to make profit. Did you invest money in 2012 with an intention to make more from it? Well, if you did, then you must be familiar with the ups and downs that were reported in last year. If you want to make money by investing in new year, then you might be confused about how to go with it? Well, investment requires  a lot of experience to take you to success level and make you earn profit. Investment in 2013 is not going to be simple. But I am sharing some tips regarding that which will help you in it.

Investment in 2013

Be Patience, Don’t change mind Frequently

This is the first thing. You might have seen the prices of stocks going up and down, and those who changed their minds frequently, end up in loss. You must be patience in stock market, at least for 2013. Don’t expect any immediate profits will come into your pocket. It will take time. Though there is not any surety that your patience will lead you success only, but this is the best that you can do, rather than changing your mind, and shifting from one asset to another. Poor trend.

Invest in Gold

It is not hidden from anyone that the best thing, that followed uptrend in last year, is Gold. Not only the last year, but from past few years, the graph of Gold is following uptrend only and is touching the peak as the time is passing. There is not any indication that the price will follow downtrend and analysts are expecting the same growth in price of Gold, which it had in year 2012 or in past few years. Therefore it is best to invest some part or say major portion of your money in gold.