Since the Internet has become the basic need, so it is not hard to find free Wi-Fi. No one likes to pay for Wi-Fi, but most of the hotels force the customers to pay for Wi-Fi. Nothing can be more irritating than this situation in which you wanted to access the Internet for a simple task, but cannot do it because you will get charged a big amount without any reason. So here are the best ways to avoid paying for Hotel Wi-Fi.

Head Downstairs

The Wi-Fi of the hotel is most likely to be a paid service only in rooms. This may be free in the common places such as lobby, hall etc. So, better head downstairs and take your Wi-Fi enabled gadget to the common place of your hotel. There you will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi.


Why you need to access Wi-Fi? To use Internet for a short time? If this is so, then rather than using Internet facility of your hotel, better use your own Internet. The Internet that you have activated on your smartphone. You can tether it simply with your PC/Laptop, and can start surfing the web in no time. This is the real answer to so-called caring hotel.

Rent an Aircard

Yeah, this is a better alternative to paying for your hotel Wi-Fi. If you are one of those who keep traveling most of the times, then better go with the monthly aircard service. This will cost you near around $35 which is not a big deal. But, if you travel very less, then monthly aircard service is not a good idea. In such case, you should opt for the daily rental plan. It will cost you near around $6, which is very less than what your hotel’s Wi-Fi demands, right?