So the new year is started and the fist month, January, the month of setting new year resolutions is going on. You might have set resolutions for your personal life, health etc. Have you set any business resolutions or you are still working randomly. Well, if later is case with you, then it’s pretty sad to tell you that you are doing business in the way in which people of old 80’s were used to do. You must set business resolutions. Not any, but setting the perfect one only is recommended. The resolutions that can help to grow your business. The list given below may help you.

Business resolutions for 2013

Forget the past

Your business might have followed uptrend or downtrend in 2012, but remembering the same again and again is not gonna help you in any manner. There is nothing that you will get by feeling sorry for your past actions. Use your past to setup an experience base, not to demotivate you. All of your business resolutions are not going to help you till you don’t come out of the clouds of past happenings.

Reduce your Costs

Lesser the cost is, more will be your profit. Of course one cannot make it zero as there is not existence of business till you invest on it. But yes, with some smart steps, one can always make the costs to minimum. For example, taking loan from bank rather than any local person will save hell lot of your money, that you are wasting as interest rate.

Be Positive Only

The negative results of your efforts are also possible, but make it habit to think about positive results only. Only the people with Positive scope from their efforts can achieve the success in real. Others can’t.