Shared Hosting Accounts: The shared web hosting is a best-suited plan for those who are individual users. They get complete access of the single control panel provided to them for all the domains.

Reseller Hosting Accounts: The reseller hosting services are best for the owners who are looking forward to selling hosting. They can have access to an unlimited number of control panel access, one for each domain. If you want buy SSL certificate or many IP address, you can buy a reseller account.

The Difference Between Shared vs. Reseller Hosting

Shared hosting is the best option if you are owning a simple blog or two personal websites. This is the perfect option for new bloggers who have a single website. The user can  make use of the cPanel which has shared hosting accounts. You can make use of Add-on features to add more number of domains which you want to add any time. Whereas a reseller hosting account allows the user to resell the hosting space. It is best suited for those who have clients or are looking forward to acquire more clients for services like website designing, conversation rate optimization etc.

The performance will differ based on the server which you are hosting as well as the company that you are selecting. The entire difference is about the control. When it comes to shared hosting you can not resell the entire hosting space. Several hosts do not provide access to share hosting plans to get multiple IP address, DNS, cPanel and SSL certification in each domain.

Advantage of a reseller hosting account over the shared hosting

For those who are not looking to host client website, the reseller account can be of great benefit only if you have multiple domains. A reseller hosting account is best suited for those who have more than a single domain. Many websites in today’s time do not make use of basic HTML for designing. People nowadays prefer complex management systems like Joomla, Drupal, etc.

If you have a high performing website with its own cPanel, it is better to make use of reseller hosting account. Another major advantage of reseller hosting is that if you have to host on client sites, then you can share their own cPanel login and information. But, this is not possible in case of shared hosting. In case of reseller hosting, you can make use of your individual name servers like, you can totally customize the server name according to your preference. In addition to it, you can get site builder tools for your clients using reseller hosting accounts.

Additional benefit of having a reseller hosting account

  1. The reseller hosting account has the ability to control the domain name server DNS zones.
  2. With the help of reseller hosting accounts, you can also make use of private name servers and anonymous name servers.
  3. You get access to the brandable control panel and free hosting billing system.

Additionally, you get access to the Enom domain account and site builders for your target clients.