Starting a new business or already running one? Whatever the case is, you might be running the hiring programs for your business with the intention to find the most deserving souls for your business. Right? Well, the process is not so simple as the recession is going on nowadays and people are desperately looking for jobs, so once you put the Job board ON, it it quite obvious that you would be getting tens of hundreds of applications, and yes, all are not  deserving. So how to choose the right candidate for your business? These tips may help.

Hiring employees for your business

Prefer Experienced Candidates

Degree does matter, but what’s the meaning of candidate’s degree for you, if he/she can’t perform well in your business? Better to opt for experienced candidates. You might get no. of candidates with good experience, but before you select any, better to check out their past records. Never concentrate on figures, but do practical work, then only make final decision.

Let them pass from tough Interview

Though I know that 30 minute interview can’t decide one’s capabilities, but still, it gives a basic view of one’s talent and based on that, we can easily judge the capability of any candidate. Try to make a set of questions to be asked to applicant in interview. Let them face hard times and tricky questions, so that you can conclude that whether they get unconscious on facing tough conditions or not.

At last… your pay offer also matters

Or should I say that it matters the most? Yeah, it is the most. The pay that you offer to candidates do also matter. If it’s good enough, then only right candidates will knock doors of your office, otherwise the talent does not tend to get hired for pennies. Right?