According to the sources, hosting is mainly playing the vital role for the business which is mainly providing the services for websites. For your information, the website is hosted on the special computers called servers. It means if you aren’t aware of the domain, then there are hosting like shared hosting, Managed WordPress hosting and more. However, when comes to hosting plan, you can check out to know about the earnings of your website. To the people who all are keenly wanted to know about the difference between the shared hosting and Managed WordPress hosting can follow below.

Here we are going to check out about the hosting like Shared and managed WordPress. We all knew about the process of hosting but don’t know clearly about their benefits and drawbacks along with the plans during the time of usage. Let’s have a look that how these both hosting are actually differing from each other.

One should be aware of that the shared hosting is generally cheap in terms of hosting a website. Also, it will provide for all the commercial needs that shows major varieties with its low price. However, on the other side, Managed WordPress hosting that largely provides the advanced services as well as WordPress optimized servers.

Benefits of Managed WordPress hosting

When comes to manage the WordPress hosting, Managed WordPress hosting brings you some great benefits.

Automatic Backups: It is one of the best features of this managed WordPress web hosting where it goes over daily backups automatically along with restoration process of backups. But somehow, shared hosting managed to work with automated backups, but everything will be stored on the same server.

Secure level: Managed WordPress hosting is said to be the all-new level in secure process whereas the shared hosting will support hundreds of users in servers may not support all the threats to remove at the same time.

Update automatically: When coming to managed WordPress hosting, the whole web server is managed by developers for its amazing performance. It also helps to cover both the server as well as WordPress. On the other side, Shared hosting is also providing the same benefit but it will focus on maintaining server as well, but that does not include WordPress.

Higher speed performance: Managed hosting server is mainly optimized to run over the WordPress whereas shared hosting ready to run in any type of application.


Higher price: When comes to hosting, managed WordPress hosting is tagged as a higher price if go for business purpose where the shared hosting is charged as low comparing to another hosting.

Plugin Restrictions: One should know that the Managed WordPress hosting companies will come up with a lot of restrictions on using plugins. These are the things will limit your options. On the other side, shared hosting is not at all working on restrictions over plugins.

These are the main things that you should know about shared as well as managed WordPress hosting before getting into the usage.