Are you a business owner contemplating whether you should tackle your company’s taxes on your own or hire a tax professional? From new tax codes to a wide assortment of head-scratching forms, there are plenty of good reasons you should be going with a professional for your business taxes. Let’s break down why.

Tax codes are complicated. That’s true for individual taxes and even more true for business taxes. Many persons tend to think that once they start up a business the experience of having done their own taxes over the years will make doing business taxes a breeze. Not so!

What you should do is seek out tax professionals who are experienced and specialize in business taxes. For example, at Gudorf Tax Group, they cater to both individuals and businesses but their emphasis is on small businesses.

Tax codes change frequently. You would have to diligently keep up with every new adjustment in the codes to ensure you are doing your taxes properly and not setting yourself up as the target of an IRS investigation.

As the codes change, you may become eligible for new tax deductions or tax credits, something a professional tax preparer would not miss. Moreover, a professional may be able to point out deductions and credit you should already be taking advantage of but you simply are not aware they exist or that they can be applied to you.

For instance, did you know that the cost you incur while using a tax professional could itself be a tax deduction?

Tax professionals lower your tax bill and get you maximum refund. It is true that you may end up paying hundreds of dollars to any professional tax preparer you hire. It is money well spent, however, since they will be working assiduously to ensure your tax bill is at a minimum while your refund is as big as it should be.

Added to that is the fact that they will be removing the stress of doing the taxes yourself and that they are prepared to meet with the IRS on your behalf if the need arises. With more time to spend on growing your business, hiring a tax professional actually becomes an investment you start reaping benefits from almost immediately.

Tax professionals give you efficiency and accuracy. Your business taxes will most likely involve a ton of different forms to fill out and figures to cross check. That’s not a big deal to the professionals preparing your taxes – it’s something they do on a daily basis.

You can rest assured that they won’t be making the tax mistakes you might be inclined to if you do your business taxes yourself. Plus, the processes they follow are geared towards getting your taxes done right the first time. That’s understandable, since having to redo any of your paperwork takes away from time they could be spending on another job.

Business taxes laws are much more complex than those for individuals. What’s more, a business owner doing their company’s taxes raises several red flags with the IRS. Entrusting your business taxes to professionals is one smart move you can’t afford not to make!