Negotiating your salary is very important when you are applying for the position because that is where your value and your work will be judged. You know that salary matters in every company, and you need to ensure that you are taking home what you rightfully deserve. But you need to understand what your company manager thinks about you when you are negotiating you are negotiating the salary.

Managers gave many things to mind, but there are only a few when you are negotiating the salary. Let’s take a look at those thoughts your hiring manager has when he is interviewing you.

Are You Negotiating Salary? – 3 Real Thoughts the Hiring Manager

Salary is what between us and the company. If the salary is stable and you are happy then long-term planning is assured.
Are You Negotiating Salary? – 3 Real Thoughts the Hiring Manager

1# Is This Person Deserve The Salary Hike?

Most managers try to offer the best and fair salary to the employees, and they do not tell you the exact salary offered for the job because they want you to settle for the Entry package. This factor is very common among the companies. If you are a beginner and you are new to the industry, then they will offer you the entry level package. However, in many scenario people with experience in the same field can negotiate for the salary and there are huge chances that you can ask for a hike,  Let the manager know what about your thoughts on the package so that you can the manager can land on the same page.

Solution: One of the main aspects is that it depends on your research, go out and look for the same job with the same project so that you can find the exact number on how you can utilize it in salary hike.

2# This Candidate Has Multiple Offers: Manager Thinks About It.”

Many companies have different job openings in their companies, and they ask you on which post are you applying for and what makes you think that you are good at it? But the mere fact is that you have to read the mind of the Manager, or you can simply be honest with your manager about it.

Solution: It is always the right choice that you are honest with your company about your intentions and thoughts so that they can co-operate with you and your ideas.

3# Will This Work-Out?

Once the call is given to you, you are on your way to accepting the offer letter, and you are all set to work for the company. When you are negotiating for the salary, the manager starts losing interest in you and you end up in the losing the job offer.

The company loves those who like to add value to the team, and they can share their side of experience so that the project can get better. Inspiring team with inspiring the people who are working along with you. Focus on adding quality to the team and try to make it better that is what you need to derive and explain it to your management.


Managers are often looking for those who are honest so that they can work along with the employees and also they can provide the best option they have for you.

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