Lol tier list which also stands for League of legends tier list is for helping the players by picking up the best champions on the basis of their strength and their winning speed which help you in climbing the divisions much faster, easier and enjoyable.  For understanding who is ranking on which place, there are lots of things that you need to understand as well as to know. The lists depend on the overall performance of the champions and also it keeps shuffle according to their results. If you want to know more about it and also want to know which Lol tier is ranking which players, here is everything for your help and also it will allow you to enjoy league of legends much better!

What is Lol Tier List For Patch 8.1 – League of Legends:

Well, the list depends on the lots of factors such as the favorite pick, strength, and support. Also, the list depends on the analyzation and experience which help in listing the best option in champions for the players.  Well, it’s extremely helpful for those players who are skillful and learn the champions with facing the intense kind of difficulties. Such players can make strides in climbing in a great way. However if not, if someone is not that great player or lower player which have no time to learn regarding intricacies related to the champion complex. Then it will be better to go with a tier and B tier like difficulties. Here is the list which is categorized which is divided on champion’s winning rate and the experience. Well, for knowing better here are some key commentary list for patch 8.1 that will help:-

Patch 8.17 Tier list

1. Gankplank:

The champion has the highest rate when it comes to playing rate and also its hard one to master as well as to use. Not just that, he is able to crush the top lane no matter if its grasp or if it’s Kleptomacy. Gankplank is the best champion that can do that work without any issue. Well, some people think that its hardest lane carries when it comes to playing but for Gankplank it’s not something where he would struggle.

2. Nidalee:

The champion is considered as one of the rising jungles in AP that has great when it comes to frosting use. Not just that this one allows you to use the support an even let abuse it. Nidalee is over a tuned item which has other lots of stuff which make her rank in the list of Lol Tier.

3. Evelynn:

Well, this champion has its rocky rework, however, Evelynn proved herself steadily. Also, she becomes deadly as the way of using her changed and become stronger with every work. Not just that, Evelynn different abilities like a snowball and blowing up the targets no matter how squishy or tanky it makes her one of the champions which can run the game simply and most easily.

4. Katarina:

Katarina is one of those who keeps bouncing between two i.e. optimal and great.  However, she is also counted as one of the champions who turned out as most picked when it comes to mid lane. Not just that, Katarina can be difficult to use mechanically as well as to play. However still, this one is ranked in crushing for now. Apart from this, she is also capable to do everything in the early games and also burst down the squishes with her electrocute is complete driving other crazy.  She also thrives when it’s about disorganized chaos as well.

5. Kog’maw:

Kog’maw is one of those champs which got the highest scaling and also abilities in shredding the tank. Well, there are snowball aggressive strategies that somehow slow down with the enchanter supports of resurgence and the pace of the game.  However now the different names that are on the play which includes a name like Lulu,  soraka, and Janna.

6. Vayne:

There are two sides of Vayne which are work opposite, she is negative at some point whereas her positive side is hard to ignore.  Vayne set record where she lost the matchups most in ADC game history. Also, she is highly criticized as she brings only damages besides that there is nothing. Well even having so many negative points, Vayne ranked in the top because of her different strategies like overheal, tragons and fleet footwork. Not just that she can get the most of the fights and shield amounts but also it’s incredibly frustrating when it comes to killing her in the team fights.

7. Janna:

Well, this one is working hard to claim her throne one more time. Where ADC is playing more with things like healing, shielding supports, and trogons which is also greedy and appealing the player to play more. Janna has the scale which is quick and does the thing fast. Not just that, she is more like the Meta ardent in old.

League of Legends Patch 8.18 jungle tier list

The list of League of elements patch 8.18 jungle tier is based on the factors. Well, the main behind such tiers list is to help the players as it will improve their understanding related tiers, accuracy and also make its usefulness. Also, it’s helpful as you can get more ideas about how you can do climbing and do the winning. Well, the list can differ on the type of player you are.

For knowing better here is something which is based on C tier which is for those champs who got experience and comfortable with playing these options.

1. Top options that you can choose

For this category, you are getting names which can help. Here is what you can consider as ideal in options

  • For simple: the list for this category contains name like Maokai, Poppy, Teemo, Wukong, Dr. Mundo and Wukong.
  • For Severe: here you can consider names such as Akali, Gangplank, Jayce, Riven, and Fiore.

2. Jungle options that you can choose

Champs who want the options for playing the jungle options, here is the list of names which you can consider

  • For simple: Well, here you get lots of options which include names like Olaf, Hecarim,  Poppy,  Trundle,  Jarvan IV and last but not the least Pantheon.
  • For hard: well,  Elise and Kha’Zix are the best that can help
  • For severe: Rengar should be the first one which you can consider here

3. Mid options that you can choose

For those who are looking for the suggestions in mid options so they can choose, this may help

  • For simple: Diana and Malphite may be helpful for this case.
  • For hard: for this, there is two option which is orianna and Zed
  • For severe: Katarina and LeBlanc can be good options to consider

4. ADC options that you can choose (Bot carry)

ADC, also known as Attack damage carry, here is what you can choose if you are looking for help

  • For simple: well, in this option you can consider Tristana
  • For average: Ziggs can be an option which can help you
  • For Hard: if you are looking the best here, go with Kai’Sa

5. Support options that you can choose

Well, if you are looking for the names which are supportive here are the options that you can consider

  • For simple: You can go with Janna and Morgana
  • For average: you can choose between Braum and Fiddlesticks
  • For severe: Pyke can be an ideal option

Not just these there are more names that are trending these days.  However, it depends on the playing strategy and other different factors which decide if the name will go up or down. There are names like Urgot, renekton, Vayne etc are trending high as they got the potential to rank high in the list. However, there are still some points which will cover-up during the period. Apart from these, Twitch is going down when it comes to trending due to its bad supports which shut you completely down and also there are not so many options to make twitch back to the game once you go out. However,   the name still ranks as it can be played well by somehow one can avoid bad in matchups and comebacks.

Mention some ADC Lol Tier List of the Good tier, Strong Tier, A, B, S Good tiers

ADC which stands for Attack  Damage carry is a which refers to only those champions who deals with strong, damage on continuous, also they get with the attacks on basics and different scales. The archaic team also based on stats which is related to attack speed, the chance that has in critical strike and attack damage.

ADC Tier List

What’s is Jungle Tier List Patch 8.18:

Well, the tier of jungle list has the names of all junglers which are in a great position and also they can do good performance however it depends on the tiers. Also, there are different champions based on the roles which depend on the dominating lanes. There are three tiers that you can get S tier also known as God Tier, A-tier which is Strong tier and B tier stands for the good tier.

Mention some players of Jungle Tier God List? Explain Skills and Statistics?

The list of players in jungle tier god list consists names which have their own skills and strategies, however knowing more here are the detailed versions that will help.

1. Kha’zix:

The first name in the list is Kha’zix which is able to do the one kill and squishes which involve R as well. Kha’zix is not just capable of doing lots of damages to the tanks. Not just that, it damages the W which camps get removed. However, it does slow the speed little bit.

2. Warwick:

Warwick has the capacity to do lots of damages without having to give priorities for any damages. Apart from this, this one has tanky and also an ability that can deal with suppressions. Also, you can do anything that you want to as junglers; bonus thing that you get is a speed which is extra good.

3. Trundle:

However, you can make trundle strong just by making sure that you add items that are oriented more damage during the building period. Well, it completely depends on the type of game you are playing and want to switch.  Also, you are free to get items that can do defensive and do the fight.

4. Graves:

The state of the grave is such great positions that they can either gets picked or else get banned. He is also not getting die that easily which actually makes hard to catch the faults that simply. Along with the buffs related to health, Graves is tanky and the bright side is its ganking speed which is more than anyone. It keeps graves pace ahead than the game.

5. Kayn:

Kayn is one of the favorite and also getting plus points from the fans. The biggest benefits that you are getting right now are the transformation availability which let you change it for the early game which helps in leaving the Impacts in large amount.

Who are The Players in the Jungle Tier a Strong List? Mention some players?

There are different players who are holding the strong ranks in the list. Well for knowing further, here are the names which can give you the better ideas

Jungle Tier List

1. Shaco:

During the early games, Shaco is the strongest champs which have its own creative pathing. Also, he has lots of potential in snowballs which completely depend on the lane that you want for snowballing.

2. Xin Zhao:

Well, here you are getting two sides, sometimes his look useless but other time he holds the top tier. The best part is he can do the dive in fights actually and also can survive as well as do the damages. There are lots of things that he can do such as catching people, also do out jungle and win almost every scenario. Apart from this, he can easily do farming, gank people and everything else.

3. Jax:

Jax has brilliant crowd control, also if you can play properly he can also get a duel with anyone at level 3. During the early games, he can also do the diving to the people. Also for making him more  perfect for junglers, he got perks like  Jax can do a good amount of damage, also have clear and good speed as well as can easily above the damages as compare to the others that you got here,

4. Lee Shin:

Counted in the list of most popular junglers in the world where lee shin rank in top. He got high skills in capped; also he is flashy and fun to play with. But for that, you should be invested very well but here you get the benefits point as he is rewarding if he has its play style maximize.

5. Kindred:

There are patched which now completely heal, which simply means that he can fight much better and also can clear the jungle much better way. She is much heather and can do gank even better. With this, you get an additional benefit which includes the control in the jungle and dueling.

What About The Jungle TIER B GOOD List?

These names of champs are on its fine state but they are not that capable as many tests of the tires.  But you can play well if you know how you can carry them well.

1. Master Yi:

 One of the most strong picks that you can get in this tier which gives the deadly combination of good gamer and power spike. He is the best who can overtake the game of opponent if the next person doesn’t have a crowd for locking him up.

2. Wukong:

The best option that you get here is Wukong can easily deal with the different jungle changes and also do the fighting.  In bonus, you also get the speed in movements and also have the presence much better than many other options that you are getting here.

3. Nocturne:

The nocturne returned with different patches which help in ranking in good states but there are some points that are important to understanding.  Nocturne is one of those where you have to ahead at the time of launching it to the enemy otherwise you will blow up right at the moment. It’s important to be extra careful when the enemy has tanks and also filled with tanks crowd.

4. rek’sai:

Rek’sai has pathing which is different but still, she is strong enough and unique as champion. Her focus is on the early games as well as mid game jungle. She has auto cancels and smooth in rotations which plays the important part behind her success and also keep her in B tier.  There are some difficulties with her too as for how you can close the games surreally the tunnels and pathing.  Apart from everything, Rek’sai still holds the powerful rank which is benefits for the jungle who are looking for the champion related to this tier.

Discuss Mid Lane Tier list Patch 8.11:

For evaluating the list of mid lane, there are five names that you can get in the list; every champ has its own plus points. The list includes Taliyah, Zoe, LeBlanc, Talon, and Yasuo. Different names have significant roles that can help, Like Taliyah recently got updated with the health and speed in moving which simply means she can do the roaming is much greater than anyone. Whereas LeBlanc is versatile on extreme on a different level, there is no chance for others to stay in front of the monster like her.

Talking about Talon, he is the most potential high kill which makes him unstoppable for the others. With Zoe, she entered in patch 8.10 and she is thriving until now. Also, she is in the most comfortable space which also makes her bests option for the players who have skills. Apart from that, Zoe’s sleepy bubbles are a big pain which is a hard thing to deal with and top of that she can do quality damage. After debuting back, Yasuo is one of the beasts which is completely unstoppable.  Not just that, his strength is something which is completely insane. Also, he can carry solo much harder than anyone.

Tell us about Support Tier List – Patch 8.17 | League of Legends:

Well, League of Legends has its own list of tiers.  Playing a supportive tier list is not that hard. Apart from that, it’s not a position that is not undervalued and also its important thing when it comes to team success.  However, there is a gap that bridge between the champions of support tiers pool’s list.  Well, using the list of tiers for league of legends help in choosing the right character which can be supportive for the team and can handle the amount of correct damage. Also, here the champions can do the other work like healing as well as the tanky bruiser.  Well, the supportive tier will not exactly help in giving the answer that you want; it will keep you educated about the players that are playing the game. Apart from this, it also helps in choosing the right option.

There are different champions that are selected for the support; the name includes Galio, Volibear, and Kayle.  On another hand, support and Maga are known as the roles that are most used.  Apart from this, there are different kinds of stuff that can help you in winning the games.


Lol or League of legends is an interested and attractive game which is good for enjoying the time. However, there are lots of aspects that can help you learn more about the game and also more about the players. There are tiers and list of champions which enhances the performance and let you enjoy the best.