If you’re looking for a user-friendly, effective and extremely high quality trading platform for binary options, then it’s time to look at EZTrader.

The EZTrader platform is owned by the world’s biggest broker in binary options across the world, and is unique for being owner-developed and owned for maximum quality and effectiveness.

Introducing binary options

Also called digital options, these are a form of financial derivative with just two outcomes possible per trade. This makes the nature of the trade simple for users to understand and to develop trading strategies to benefit from. You can trade on stocks, currencies, indices and commodities according to your interests and speciality development areas.

Training and support

Every EZTrader customer receives special attention and support from an experienced trader to help them progress in their own journey to confident binary options trading. This personal account manager ensures access to in-depth knowledge and strategies, so that new traders can help to manage their risks effectively and benefit from the simple, dynamic and potentially extremely profitable nature of binary options trading.

Access to rich information

The EZTrader platform tool offers users access to a vast amount of real time, rich information and data on the financial markets, to grow knowledge and obtain better trading results through enhanced decision making. This includes daily and weekly round ups of the global stock market activity, and binary option assets.

Training materials

Platform users can immediately access trading tools in the EZTrade Education Centre, including a full training guide. This benefits traders at all levels, from starter through to highly experienced and provides expert analysis techniques and insightful articles which help to develop your skills, strategies and tactics in the field – all to realise stronger profits.


With EZTrader scam concerns are minimised because of the high security interface, last security encryption technology and password protected account system, which ensures you remain in control at all times.

Easy access

The EZTrader platform uses the latest digital technologies and is accessible on the go and at any time of the day, via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Access your portfolio using your secure account when you are travelling, having a break or simply want to see the results of a trade!

Help when you need it

Our service team is only ever a quick contact away when you need help with any aspect of your account or the service and we are always happy to help. We are available around the clock, seven days a week – as you need us.

A quality, assured product

Our binary options trading platform has been live since 2008 and grows rapidly every year! It is incredibly easy and simple to use and our traders speak of the success they have experienced when using it. In fact, our model is so strong that competitors have tried to copy it countless times – something we take pride from in recognition of our quality product!

Our platform offers our traders an easy to use, thrilling and profitable trading environment in a dynamic online space which they can access from any digital device, 24 hours a day. Every trader also benefits from low minimum trading amounts.